Prayer has been and continues to be essential in every step of this project. To see how you can more specifically pray during this process, click HERE, and you will be be able to view a PDF of our Imagine Together Prayer Guide.



Celebration Service
March 20, 2011

What a wonderful time we had worshiping the Lord and praising Him for His provision for our church building! The commitments that have come in have exceeded the amount needed. The Lord has truly blessed our church in an amazing way.


Congregational Information Meeting
September 12, 2010

We were very excited to share with the congregation where we are in the building process and to share the vision of our future building! To view a pdf version of the PRESENTATION AND PICTURES shown during the meeting, click HERE.

We were also happy to hear feedback from the congregation, both through a Question and Answer time and through a CONGREGATIONAL MINISTRY SURVEY. If you would like to view the survey online, then click HERE to download a copy.


Imagine Together Update
June 2010

Summary of Themes and Ideas from
Vision Sundays

The small group forums from the Vision Sundays on May 16 and 23, 2010, produced more than 700 individual comments, questions, and suggestions.  Obviously, not all of the suggestions can be implemented, and it should be remembered that every additional feature creates a corresponding increase in cost.  However, the input received has been and will be valuable in prioritizing and making decisions on the final design.  Below is a summary of the themes and comments most often raised.  Each section presents facts of the proposed design followed by a list of themes raised in the forums.


Imagine Together: Two design concepts were displayed on Vision Sundays

  1. A base plan consisting of two levels totaling 19,152 square feet.  The main level includes a Worship Area and a Gathering Area.  The lower level includes primary restrooms, children’s classrooms, and youth space.  The two levels are connected by an elevator and stairways.  The projected cost of this design is $3.5 million.
  2. An expanded plan adds two wings on the north and south sides of the building for a total 9,632 square feet over the base plan.  The north wing allows the primary restrooms to be placed on the main level along with a kitchen facility.  It also opens a gathering space on the lower level for combined activities.  The south wing places nursery and toddler rooms on the main level along with a small office area.  It also provides an unfinished area on the lower level that could be used for storage or for youth activities.  The projected cost of this design is $4.5 million.
  3. A third option could be considered depending on the results of our capital campaign assessment and other factors.  It adds only one of the two wings for a total of 4,816 square feet over the base plan.  The projected cost of this design is $4 million.




Worship Area: The proposed worship area is a multi-purpose room about the size of a high school gymnasium with moveable seating and staging.  It could accommodate about 500 seats for a two service total of 1000 (with children’s ministry space, the building can accommodate a two service total of more than 1300).  The area could also be used for large church dinners.

  • Area should be able to double as a gymnasium.
  • Area should be flexible for dinners, concerts, recreation.
  • Stage area should be visible from all seats.
  • Stage area should be large enough for a choir and instruments.
  • Area should have multiple entrance and exit points.
  • Special attention should be given to acoustics.
  • Consider space for an indoor baptismal area.

Entrance and Gathering Area: The proposed main entrance is at the SE corner of the building, opening into a commons or gathering area.

  • The entrance should have an awning and an airlock for Ohio weather.
  • Gathering Area should be large enough for dinners/receptions with close proximity to a kitchen.
  • Consider a coat rack area.
  • Consider having closed-circuit video feed of the worship service.

Restrooms: One proposed option is to have the primary accessible restrooms on the main level with smaller restroom on the lower level.  An alternative is to place the primary restrooms on the lower level with smaller accessible facilities on the main level.

  • High priority on placing primary restrooms on the main level.
  • Small restrooms should be included in the nursery/toddler rooms.
  • Consider single restrooms in classrooms.

Kitchen: One proposed option would place a kitchen in a wing on the north side of the Gathering Area.  An alternative places a smaller warming and serving space within the north edge of the Gathering Area.

  • Kitchen should be adequate for dinners and receptions.
  • Kitchen should have plenty of water and electric access.
  • Kitchen should have storage area for utensils and supplies.

Children’s Classrooms: The proposed children’s classrooms would be located on the lower level on both sides of a long hallway.  Some classrooms would have moveable walls to divide or open space as needed.

  • All classrooms should have windows.
  • Consider adequate electrical and plumbing for classrooms.
  • Consider a secure check in area for younger children.
  • Consider one way observation window for nursery.
  • Consider need for larger gathering and play area for combined group functions.
  • Concern that the classrooms would not seem hidden on the lower level.

Youth Space: The proposed youth space would be a larger classroom on the lower level with a moveable wall to an adjoining room to allow for larger gatherings.  An alternative is a larger gathering area on the lower level to accommodate youth worship.

  • Consider additional space for youth worship and storage.
  • Youth space should allow for youth specific decorations and equipment.

Offices: In Phase 1 of the project, it is proposed that the offices remain at the current Main Street location.  A reception and administration area is proposed along one wall of the Gathering Area.  This could be staffed by volunteers when access to the building is needed during weekdays.

  • Restrooms and a kitchen are a higher priority than offices.
  • Offices at the new facility seem important for constant activity.

Exterior: The exterior of the building including parking and surrounding grounds includes many proposals and possibilities, including a patio leading to a baptismal section of the pond, a children’s playground, trails and walkways, a community garden and/or orchard, and athletic fields.  These features would be developed as time and funds allow, always taking into consideration future requirements of the master plan and the needs of our ministry community.

  • The grounds should be welcoming and clearly accessible to the community.
  • Trails should be open and visible for safety and security.
  • Consider a picnic shelter or gazebo for shelter and gatherings.
  • Give full consideration to drainage and appearance for neighboring properties.
  • Drop off area should be covered from weather for handicapped and elderly.
  • Property should have clear identification as a church.
  • Consider safety features for access to pond.
  • Consider more than one entrance to accommodate increasing traffic.
  • Consider a separate storage building for maintenance and athletic equipment.

Utilities: The proposal is to connect with city water and sanitary lines.  This involves significant cost, but it would need to be done eventually.  A number of energy options, including green energy, will be explored and evaluated for cost and feasibility.


Style and Appearance: The proposal is to construct a facility that will address the ministry and expansion needs of Marysville Grace while presenting a welcoming atmosphere from the outside and the inside to the people of our ministry area.  Details of materials, colors, and furnishings will be studied once a building design is approved.




The proposed cost range for the project is $3.5-4.5 million.  This amount includes grounds preparation, utility links, design and construction, driveways and parking, equipment and furnishings, and permits.  The cost is proposed to be divided evenly between funds raised in a capital campaign and funds secured through a loan with a financial institution.  The loan is projected to be 15 years with an option of paying it off more quickly.  The length of the loan takes into account the benefit of completing payments on one phase before beginning the next phase of the master plan.



Ministry and Strategy

Currently, Marysville Grace operates from three leased locations:  Navin Elementary School, Offices at 222 S Main St., and the Ministry Center at 120 W 5th St.  With the completion of the new facility, we would discontinue our lease at Navin.  The continued use of the Offices and Ministry Center would be evaluated based on need, cost, and location.



If you have specific questions or would like to offer a comment or suggestion:

  • Fill out a Question/Suggesion card at the Imagine table
  • Use the Questions page under Imagine at